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News - April 22, 2011

Voices Around Town

Should PG&E put a hold on SmartMeters until more is known about the health impacts of the electromagnetic frequencies they emit?

Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Peter Maxwell

"If (SmartMeters) are causing issues, then it should be looked at in more detail. People obviously have the right to protest and raise the point whether they are safe or not."

Glen Hobston, Mountain View

"I think PG&E needs to do more research if there have been some problems. And I would like to see results before I commit to having one in my home."

Sita Reed, San Jose

"PG&E should move forward and keep putting the meters in people's homes until more research has been done to show how harmful they are. If they are a problem, then it should be the homeowner's option whether or not they are in their home."

Laura Lambert, Mountain View

"I think PG&E should hold off until they have an understanding of what goes on with the human condition with the electromagnetic frequencies that are created. After that it should be the property owner's choice."

Arturo Sandoval, Mountain View

"I think the installation of the SmartMeters should be the homeowner's choice, because I believe in free markets and that's what a free market is."

John Smith, Palo Alto

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