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News - April 29, 2011

Crime briefs

Woman kidnapped by ex

A Sunnyvale woman was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend outside of a Mountain View restaurant Friday, April 22, police said. The man threatened to kill the woman, 28, and took her back to his house before he ultimately agreed to let her go.

Mountain View police arrested 28-year-old Servando Reyes at his home after the victim reported the kidnapping the next day, Mountain View police spokeswoman Liz Wylie said.

The incident began at about 10 p.m. Friday night, outside of the Chaat Paradise restaurant in Mountain View. The victim, who was leaving the restaurant where she worked, had called her brother-in-law and asked him to pick her up, because, according to Wylie, Reyes was "not happy" with the breakup and the woman was fearful that her ex-boyfriend might confront her at her job.

Her fears were confirmed as she was getting into her brother-in-law's car: Reyes came up to the vehicle, and her brother-in-law attempted to speed off, Wylie said. However, he hit a pole, which gave Reyes an opportunity to open the car door, throw his ex-girlfriend over his shoulder and drag her to his car, even as her brother-in-law attempted to physically stop Reyes -- at one point punching him in the face.

Reyes drove around "aimlessly" for about 45-minutes, Wylie said — "sometimes at a high rate of speed" and threatened to crash the car and kill himself along with his former girlfriend. Then Reyes drove back to his house with the victim.

Meanwhile, the brother-in-law called his wife, the victim's sister, who drove to Reyes' house, Wylie said. There, after a heated discussion with the victim's sister as well as members of his own family — all of whom implored Reyes to let his ex-girlfriend go — he relented and the victim left with her sister.

The incident was not reported until 10:22 p.m. on Saturday.

"Domestic violence is something that is often times under-reported for various reasons," Wylie said.

Fear of retribution often plays a heavy role in the under reporting of such incidents, Wylie said.

The victim decided to report the incident after Reyes went to her work the next day and waited for her to arrive. Reyes asked to talk to her, but she refused and a coworker convinced him to leave.

"It is important that these things get reported because this could have ended very poorly for the victim," Wylie said. "We can help people and we can help put people in contact with resources that can help get them out of these types of situations."

Police found Reyes at his home with a black eye. He was arrested without incident and charged with kidnapping and misdemeanor domestic violence.

—Nick Veronin

Flasher chases woman

Police arrested a man on attempted rape charges after he chased a woman while exposing himself Sunday evening.

The 26-year-old Mountain View man, Jose Camacho, was quickly located after the incident was reported to police dispatchers at 5:16 p.m. on April 24, according to police spokeswoman Liz Wylie.

The 28-year-old Mountain View woman was walking on Crisanto Avenue toward Escuela Avenue when she saw the man emerge from some bushes. The man's genitals were exposed and he was touching himself, Wylie said, so the woman quickly crossed the street. The man followed her, so she started running and the man began running as well. She began screaming for help, so the man stopped following her, turned around and walked back down Crisanto Avenue.

Wylie said there were police officers in the vicinity who were able to respond quickly. The victim's mother, who heard her daughter's screams, followed Camacho as he walked down Crisanto and pointed him out to police who arrested him near the skate park in Rengstorff Park.

Camacho was charged with indecent exposure and assault with attempt to rape — the second charge stemming from his action of aggressively following the victim, Wylie explained.

This incident is uncommon as far as indecent exposure cases go, Wylie said. Often, the perpetrator wishes to expose himself and that is all. "The vast majority of those people don't progress to the next step," she said.

"This is an isolated incident," Wylie said, but noted that police are investigating to see if any other similar events have occurred recently in the area. "We always tell people if something like that happens, the best thing to do is walk away from the person and call 911 right away or seek assistance from someone."


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