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For the Record - April 29, 2011

Voices Around Town

Should downtown food trucks face stricter regulations to be more fair to restaurants?

"I can understand the concern by the restaurants. But I think that the trucks go to different towns, so I don't see how they can go with all the regulations of all the different towns."

Marilyn Domer, Sunnyvale

"Actually, I've never seen (a food truck). I've only seen the farmers' market during the weekend, which is quite cool."

Thomas Hessler, Berlin

"I think that health standards are the only regulation that really matters. As long as the food trucks are being held up to the same health standards, I'm OK."

Alex Canby, Mountain View

"I think it can be kind of harmful to those businesses that are downtown that sell similar products, because these people don't have to pay much in the way of rent. However, I'm not against that type of business, as long as it's in an area of town where there isn't that type of competition."

Nick Chaput, owner of Dana Street Roasting Company

"I think they should be properly licensed and properly serviced by the health department and they should pay taxes to the city, too. We all have a right to be somewhere, but we all have to pay dues for running the city."

John Akkaya, owner of Don Giovani's

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