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Opinion - May 6, 2011

A mother looks back at the good times, and bad

by Dale Dunlap

This time of year always finds me evaluating my mothering skills. Have I been the loving, caring parent I want to be?

There are many examples that show that I have been. I remember the countless nights reading to my children in bed, especially through the long cold winters in Michigan. I remember always trying to transform an ordinary day to an extraordinary day, like the time we had a picnic under the dining room table while it snowed outside.

But there are plenty of other examples, when I lost my temper and said horrible things that I can't believe I said. Or I tried to be their friend instead of their parent, and caved in when I should have set stronger limits.

Now that my children are adults, it's easier to see the kind of mother I was. They are kind, they respect nature, and they always try to do the right thing. Even more importantly, they are happy. And when they get together, they tease me about the times I was a raving lunatic or embarrassed them in public. The fact that we can all laugh about it now is a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Dale Dunlap lives on Pettis Avenue.\


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