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News - May 20, 2011

Truck rollover shocks residents

by Daniel DeBolt

Shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday, a pickup truck veered off the edge of the 237 freeway and rolled over into several trees, surprising the residents of an apartment building only a few feet away.

"Thank God there weren't any kids inside," said a resident of the apartment complex who was peering at the wreck through a cyclone fence.

The truck was heading towards the complex when it went off the sloping edge of the freeway and into several trees that stopped it just short of going through the cyclone fence. The neighbor said he called 911 immediately after he heard the crash and several passers by stopped their cars on the side of the 237 freeway to help the driver out of the Toyota Tundra pickup truck, which was still on its roof.

"He was so dazed he was trying to restart the engine," said a resident of the complex at 29 Church Street.

The driver was not taken to the hospital and no one else appeared to be involved in the accident. He stood aside as tow truck drivers and firefighters pulled his truck back up the slope onto the freeway.

Traffic was slowed as two lanes were blocked off before the 237 ends at El Camino Real.


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