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For the Record - July 29, 2011

Voices Around Town

If you could be a character from 'Harry Potter,' who would it be and why?

Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Hannah Kim

"Professor McGonagall, absolutely, because she's learned, she serves as a mentor to youth and she's massively cool. And she turns into a cat!"

Ana Rita Guzman, Emerald Hills

"I would be Fawkes the Phoenix because my tears have healing powers and also I regenerate my body every few months, so that'd be awesome."

Albert Chen, Palo Alto

"I would want to be one of the Weasley twins because they just get up to a lot of fun things with their magic pranks and what-not."

Julia Welden, Los Altos

"I'd be Voldemort, just to cause some trouble."

Jeremy Carpenter, Menlo Park

"I would be Harry, the main character. I like the way he flies and plays quidditch."

Vanessa McAffee, Menlo Park

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