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For the Record - September 9, 2011

Voices Around Town

How did 9/11 impact your outlook on life?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Interviews and photos by Janelle Eastman

"My thoughts on Sept. 11th are that it's not the event itself that changed us, it was the response, the security apparatus that rose up, and the wars,"

Shane Beasley, Mountain View

"9/11 definitely had its impact, I think, in realizing that America was a lot less protected than it thought it was and the importance of a strong defense that was obvious. Personally, I think people realized that it made life a little more precious in a lot of ways."

Jack Downey, Mountain View

"9/11 had a profound impact on me; it was pretty overwhelming but at the same time I had been through an equally bad experience with the Kennedy assassination. which I remember very well."

Gerry Ryan, Mountain View

"I think it affected me in the way I learned how to be more open-minded towards strangers because after that everyone was set back in their ways towards a certain demographic of people."

Joe Aguirre, San Jose

"I was in lower Manhattan the day that it happened, with my wife and infant child. It affected us greatly; we were running through the cloud and it really changed my enitre view on life."

Sean Love, Mountain View

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