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For the Record - October 28, 2011

Voices Around Town

What are your plans for Halloween?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Anna Li.

"My plans for Halloween are passing out candy, dishing it to all the kids in the neighborhood. Actually I was born on Halloween night, at 10 o'clock at night. So what better birthday could I have than that?"

Genaro Quintana, Sunnyvale

"We'll be dressing up and passing out candy at our home residence with our family."

Paula de Cillis, Cupertino

"For Halloween, our church has an event called Hallelujah night so I'll be attending. "

Vivian Chen, Palo Alto

"On my balcony, I hang full-body skeletons for Halloween. And the mask I have (points to face), this is it for Halloween."

Lucien Langlois, San Mateo

"I'm going to be throwing a house party for my Halloween."

Justen Otaka, San Jose

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