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Opinion - November 4, 2011

A lesson in saving Bubb's historic tree

It is remarkable that Bubb elementary school officials even considered chopping down a beautiful tree near the lunch tables, ostensibly to make room for a "shade" structure that would protect the area from sun and bird droppings.

The school must have missed the irony in cutting down a beautiful tree that produces a lot of shade in order to make room for an artificial shade structure that could easily be designed to work around the tree, rather than destroy it.

There are other reasons to save this tree. For starters, it is a valuable piece of Bubb's history, planted in 1994 as part of a "peace garden" at the school. Bubb Principal Mary Dietrich said the tree is the only reminder of that project remaining at Bubb.

Luckily, Dietrich said last week that even though she is set on building the shade structure for her students, who have no shelter from the sun during lunch, she thinks there might be a way to save the notable tree.

The discussion about the tree has provided some valuable lessons to the students at the school, who are actively pressing the school administration to save the tree. The students have been asked to come up with options to give the tree a new life.

Dietrich herself understands that the students' interest makes saving the tree a teaching issue.

"The best thing ...is that the kids are getting involved and figuring out now to solve a problem. It's just a great lesson for them," she said.

A decision on the tree is still up in the air. A recent message from Principal Dietrich said: "We have a committee in place that will be looking at possible solutions. They will be reporting back to the PTA in a month."


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