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For the Record - November 4, 2011

Voices Around Town

What earthquake preparations have you made?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Anna Li.

"We just started stocking up canned goods but as far as all the other stuff, we're not exactly familiar with what to do"

Robelle Mancilla, Mountain View

"It's always good to have a surplus of water, canned foods and also first aid, whether you're in your vehicle or also just in your bag. So having those and a properly working cell phone and also probably a camera."

Evelyn Mazza, San Francisco

"I was just thinking that I need to secure a lot of things in the house because we have so many breakables. As far as water, batteries, supplies, we have tons of candles and batteries. Apart from canned goods, we need a stock of water. We don't have a plan of evacuation but there are three exits that we can get out of the condo."

Charles A., Mountain View

"If there's an earthquake, I will be prepared, hopefully. I have some canned goods and things and tons of water. Emergency kits. I'd call my mom just to make sure she's okay."

Dominique L., Sunnyvale

"My family is really big on emergency preparedness. My mom has a year's supply of food storage. All throughout college, I tried to have a 72-hour kit and water in my car and keep my gas tank half full. Even though I don't have a house right now, I try to have a 72-hour kit filled with clothes and shoes and things I can just grab if there was a big problem."

Rachel Baird, Southern California

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