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For the Record - November 11, 2011

Voices Around Town

Has Bank Transfer Day influenced your opinion of banks and credit unions?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Anna Li.

"We do stick to our old banks because of loyalty but we think twice before we do an ATM transaction. We should not be charging the end consumer, especially for the services we get today — you never get to talk to a teller; you always have to be on the phone. We're just taken for granted."

Radhika Raghavan, Cupertino

"There is a disconnect between what the bank's mission is and how they're gutting people's accounts through fees and 'nickel and diming' people."

Christian Mackey, San Francisco

"I feel that people should switch from their banks mostly because they're being scammed. Everything that you do with the banks is somebody wanting money from you. I know I've had two overdrawn fees for something that wasn't my fault."

Corey Mendoza, San Francisco

"So far my bank hasn't started charging fees. But if they do ... I'll definitely look into switching to a credit union or another option."

Wendy Walker, Mountain View

"I actually do business at both a credit union and a major bank. And I'm happy with both relationships. I feel that's the best opportunity for me to acquire a good return on my investments."

Damian Miller, Los Gatos