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Opinion - December 23, 2011

Letters to the editor

Why the 'feel-good' questions in Voices?

I am amused by the touchy-feel-good questions asked in the "Voices Around Town" since 2008.

I am sure this is due to the stellar performance of the current administration which has had the vision to solve all problems and put us on the road to utopia.

However, if you should feel the need to provide balance to your touchy-feel-good questions, feel free to request a list of problems created by the current administration which require discussion before the necessary cleanup by the next administration.

Tom Henthorn

Sun More Avenue

If Google leases hangar, who would control flights?

Last week's Voice had an interesting article about an offer from Google to save Hanger One, as well as a Voices Around Town question and a thought-provoking editorial on the topic.

All of which left me with questions about how Moffett Field would operate if the Google offer was accepted. Would Google corporate flights be limited? Would there be a curfew restricting nighttime flights? Would there be opportunities for others to fly in and out of the airfield?

I live near Highway 237 and Central Expressway in a new town-home which is very well insulated to shut out the freeway and expressway noise. Even with that great insulation, we were treated to the noise of a very loud jet taking off recently.

You can bet I would have contacted Mr. Ambrose if I had known he existed and knew how to reach him.

Steve Fitzsimons

Magritte Way


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