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For the Record - January 13, 2012

Voices Around Town

What are your predictions for the economy in 2012?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Anna Li.

"I don't see any issues as far as people shopping, retail and restaurants. But as far as jobs, I still have a lot of friends who have been laid off and are looking for jobs."

Joy Eduarte, San Jose

"The economy is going to be better than it was last year. But we're still in the middle of a fundamental adjustment of the value of our assets."

Mark Norman, Cupertino

"I am concerned about the young people graduating with huge loans and unable to find work. When young people can find work, then I'll be happy."

Stephanie Austin, Mountain View

"I think it is going to change for the positive due to the Wall Street demonstrations. I think there will be more mergers and acquisitions and I hope that will increase the job rate."

Adela Munoz, Mountain View

"I think, with the elections, there is a lot of uncertainty. After that, depending on who the president is, it could get better or worse."

Suzanna Lam, San Jose