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For the Record - January 20, 2012

Voices Around Town

How do you feel about the Stop Online Piracy Act?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Anna Li.

"SOPA is a really bad idea because legislation would quash innovation. It could shut down a massive amount of companies without a second thought or truthful information."

Russell Dare, Mountain View

"I use Wikipedia. It is a good source of information. But at the same time, if people like artists create things, they should get proper credit for it."

Sarah Newcomb, Los Altos

"I work in server operations. SOPA will transfer liability for infringing content onto my employer. That would mean that my employer is responsible for making me clear the content. So I'd probably just quit."

Adam Gray, Mountain View

"There is an issue with copyright infringement. But the answer of messing with the infrastructure of the underlying Internet is not a very good solution."

Sam Hansen, Mountain View

"There needs to be stricter curtailment on the privacy issues. I don't know how far the SOPA is, if it is going too far or what."

Inga DeRuyter, Los Altos Hills


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