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News - February 10, 2012

Rally at City Hall celebrates Prop. 8 ruling

by Daniel DeBolt

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against California's gay marriage ban was met with celebration at a rally in front of Mountain View City Hall Tuesday evening.

"Rulings like the one today make me feel like it is an awesome time to be lesbian or gay or transgender," said Shoshana Batson, a 21-year-old member of Outlet, a Mountain View-based organization for homosexual youth.

On Feb. 7, a panel of three appellate judges ruled that the 2008 ballot measure known as Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. Before it passed, gay marriage was legal for a short time in California. But many of the 50 people who attended the evening rally weren't fortunate enough to have gotten married during that brief window.

A number of local officials took the microphone to speak to the group attending the rally.

"Are you more qualified than I am (to be married) just because you were born a different time then I was?" asked Campbell council member Evan Low.

Thanks to his post as a council member, "I can marry people, but I cannot get married myself," he said.

Rally organizers with Marriage Equality USA said they fully expected the ruling to be appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

It seems like "we are one step away from true equality," said Leslie Bulbuk, field representative for Assemblyman Paul Fong's office.

"We are equal again, sort-of, kind-of, but we have to wait," Mike Eller told the crowd. He said people should be angry in this election year when equality becomes subject to debate and "some people are fully people and some people are three-fifths people."

State Senate candidate and former mayor Sally Lieber, who officiated at the marriage of Bulbuk and her wife at City Hall before the ban, said of Proposition 8: "I think the voters were duped into passing it."

"Voters cannot overturn fundamental rights," said Steve Kline, a candidate for San Jose City Council, interpreting the court's decision.

"Mountain View prides itself in diversity, in every way, in every sense," said Mountain View City Council member Ronit Bryant about the city hosting the rally. She added an invitation if the Supreme Court upholds the ruling.

"Let's celebrate here again," Bryant said.

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