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For the Record - April 6, 2012

Voices Around Town

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Daniel DeBolt.

How do you make sense of shootings like the recent massacre in Oakland?

"Some people are just really mentally imbalanced. It's disturbing he was able to get access to a gun and inflict so much damage. People like that are not stable. They need help."

Ned Tozun, Mountain View

"I heard was he was tired of being made fun because of his low income bracket. That's not to so say he was right in doing so, but if that was the case, people need to be a little more sensitive and tolerant."

Gema Wood, Mountain View

"I heard he was made fun of for his accent when he spoke English. All this pent up aggression, I guess it just causes people to snap. People don't know how to deal with it in a more responsible way."

Evelyn Koh, San Francisco

"If people are that disgruntled at a school, I hope I never find myself in that situation at work. It seems like a personal issue rather than a social problem."

Alex Thayer, Seattle

"Maybe he was just down on his luck and felt overwhelmed about everything and just took it out on the wrong people in the wrong way."

Sharlena Vinyard, San Jose


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