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Opinion - April 20, 2012

Here's what they're saying on Town Square

City considers plastic bag ban

Posted by Jane, a resident of the North Whisman neighborhood

Wow! Plastic bags were introduced in the 1970s. They are petroleum-based and even though stores such as Safeway have bins outside the stores for bag recycling, if you watch most stores (I was involved in a project which was interested in bag recycling) most of the time the bags were just dumped into the trash dumpster. For decades people brought their own bags for shopping and it is common in most parts of the world. Now plastic bags litter many places that were formerly litter-free. Shouldn't the U.S. be leading the world in cleaning up and using resources wisely?

Posted by Mike Laursen, a resident of the Monta Loma neighborhood

We'll make sure to bring our reusable bag to carry home the plastic trash.

Posted by Nikonbob, a resident of the Old Mountain View neighborhood

An estimated 7 million tons of plastic waste is dumped in the ocean every year. Plastic bags and other plastic wastes choke almost 1 million marine animals. Americans generate more than 10.5 million tons of plastic waste every year, and they recycle only 2 percent of it. At some point we have to think about how our actions impact the world we were given. This has nothing to do with "freedom." At least the City Council gets it.


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