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For the Record - April 27, 2012

Voices Around Town

Will California's case of mad cow disease make you change your eating habits?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Nick Veronin.

"When I heard about the mad cow disease, I thought to myself, 'It's a slow news week.' I'm not changing what I eat as a result."

David Fishman, Sunnyvale

"We only eat kosher beef. I know that those standards are very different, and I'm not worried about it."

Betsy Singer, Davis

"I'm not concerned about mad cow disease. I haven't put much thought into it."

Richard Warren, San Jose

"No. From my understanding, that particular cow was not meant to be used for food, so I think it doesn't pose any problem for humans."

Steve Savage, Syracuse, N.Y.

"I'm not worried about mad cow disease. I understand it's a dairy cow — only used for milk and never slaughtered for beef."

Dan Holden, Los Altos

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