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For the Record - May 11, 2012

Voices Around Town

Is it ever appropriate to cap a CEO's pay?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Nick Veronin.

"There is always a point where something reaches a plateau and then becomes an excess. So, yes, there should be some sort of cap. But how to determine that cap depends on what is it they are bringing to the table and how important is that to the community that they serve."

Elizabeth Fogie, Palo Alto

"In order to keep innovation and hire the best people, I'm not sure if a cap on salary is going to be the best idea. I think allowing the market to determine that is really the best way to go."

Mohammed Abdoolcarim, San Mateo

"It's certainly a handicap (for an organization) to put a cap on (the CEO's) salary, but I can see reasons for doing it."

Gavin Morgan, Mountain View

"A salary cap would inhibit growth and (an organization's) ability to attract talent, but there is a problem with how much money CEOs are making and how their bonuses are generated."

Joseph Talerico, Mountain View

"I think that's a difficult question to answer, because it's an absolute. It may be appropriate in some instances and it may not be appropriate (in others). Every situation is different."

Vikki Brown, San Jose

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