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News - May 18, 2012

Hangar One supporters prepare for Obama visit

The next time President Barack Obama lands Air Force One at Moffett Field he'll be greeted by a group working to save the towering 1930s airship hangar standing in the background.

Save Hangar One Committee members say they hear from federal government sources that Obama is visiting Silicon Valley on Wednesday, May 23, which means he'll likely land at Moffett, as presidents usually prefer to use the secure federal airfield. SHOC members plan to get Obama's attention with signs and banners in a show of support for the 200-foot tall structure, which is being stripped of its siding while NASA has snubbed its only real hope: an offer from Google's founders to pay over $45 million to restore it.

"We view this as a non-hostile gesture of support for our landmark hangar," said Lenny Siegel, chair of the Save Hangar One Committee, adding that he hoped to get at least 20 people to show up as it will likely be in the middle of the work day.

Anyone interested in attending should look for a gathering place to be announced at nuqu.org, or sign up for the Save Hangar One email list at savehangarone@yahoogroups.com.

—Daniel DeBolt


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