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Crime briefs


Prescription drugs and electronics were stolen from inside an apartment in the 800 block of High School Way on May 14, police said.

The two victims — a 43-year-old woman and 48-year-old man — were renting the apartment from Marriott, which uses it for traveling businesspeople, Liz Wylie, a spokeswoman with the Mountain View police, said.

Sometime between when the couple left early that morning to when they returned someone came in took prescription sleeping pills and pain medication, two pairs of designer jeans and an iPad, Wylie said.

"We don't have a prevailing theory" of how the burglar gained access to the apartment, Wylie said. "All we know is that there was no sign of forced entry, so we think it was someone with a key."

Guns drawn at Walmart

Two police officers drew their guns on a suspected car thief in the parking lot of the Showers Drive Walmart Tuesday morning, according to one witness and the police department's spokeswoman.

Mache Creeger, a Ladera man, said he came upon the scene at about 10:15 a.m. on Tuesday, May 22, while on his way to shop at the big box retailer, located at 600 Showers Dr. "I was obviously startled," Creeger said to the Voice.

According to Creeger, two police trained weapons on two men as they sat in an "older, somewhat beat-up car" parked in the Walmart parking lot. The police yelled instructions at the men, eventually taking them into custody without incident.

A slightly different sequence of events was described by Liz Wylie, public information officer for the Mountain View Police Department. She told the Voice that only one man was arrested, and that he was out of the car and walking toward Walmart when officers ordered him to stop.

Official details were sparse, as full police report has yet to be written. But Wylie did confirm that officers drew their guns on the unnamed suspect, explaining that police always take extreme caution with individuals suspected of stealing cars. "Historically, a lot of people are armed who steal cars," Wylie said.

On top of that, she added, car thieves commonly run, and have been known to use stolen vehicles as a weapon against authorities, she said.


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