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For the Record - July 6, 2012

Voices Around Town

(What would you change about your health care coverage?)

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Emily Efland and Rebecca Alger.

"It should be free for everyone...through healthy lifestyles and prevention to keep the costs low, and the rest should be paid by taxes."

David Kim, San Leandro

"I'm fairly decently happy with my employer's health care (provision). It would be nice to not have to pay so much for emergency visits, but realistically it's kind of a slap on the wrist compared to what some people get so I'm not too stressed about it."

James Jackson, Sunnyvale

"One thing I would want to change about my health care coverage is better understanding of what I'm paying for and how my plan works. Something like that should be pretty simple, but I get all these papers in the mail from my health care provider telling me how much my visit cost and it's hard for me to understand exactly what all that means. I feel like things online would be easy to understand and they would lay out very clearly where my money is going and what they do cover and what they don't cover."

Christine Tsai, Menlo Park

"I have an awesome health care program. I love it because the cost is excellent. I get it through work."

Sham Pieper, East Palo Alto

"Back home (India) I don't have any insurance. The government takes care of me so I would like to have a similar kind of thing. Right now I have Kaiser but right now I am paying from my pocket so I would like to have the government take care of health care."

Bala Sankar, Palo Alto

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