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News - September 14, 2012

Election season in full swing

Obama campaign opens Silicon Valley office in Mountain View

by Daniel DeBolt

The presidential election was brought to Mountain View in a big way on Thursday with the opening of an Obama campaign office, one of three opening in California on the same day.

In the office at 1411 West El Camino Real, a crowd of volunteers listened to speeches from campaign organizers on Sept. 6.

"We are going to be in the fight of our lives for the the next 61 days doing everything we can to get President Obama re-elected," said Bobak Esfandiari, the Democratic Party employee who is heading up the office for the region's Obama campaign effort.

Lisa Altieri, the owner of a Redwood City recycling company, said her business was saved by President Barack Obama's presidency after the recession caused a huge drop in the value of the recyclables she sells. She is now a regional field organizer with the Obama campaign.

"The big thing for me was his working with the Fed and the banking sector to stabilize the economy," Altieri said.

"Who's ready to re-elect President Obama?" said state Assemblyman Paul Fong, who is also running for re-election. He echoed a common message in thew campaign about making the middle class a priority, saying Obama would "continue building the economy from the middle out."

Volunteers using phone banks will "make calls that will make a difference," said organizer Julie Lythcott-Haims. "We will not rest until we've done all we can."

Haims echoed the remarks made at the Democratic National Convention the night before. Vote for Romney if "you want a you're-on-your-own, winner-take-all society," she said. "As Democrats, we do feel we are all in this together."

The campaign opened its other California offices in Marin County and Santa Monica on the same day, timed to coincide with the last day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

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