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For the Record - September 21, 2012

Voices Around Town

Do political gaffes change people's minds, or are they simply fodder for pundits?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Nick Veronin.

"I would say gaffes do have the potential to change the minds of people."

John Nighland, San Jose

"I believe gaffes are indicative of how somebody really feels maybe when their guard is let down on a particular issue, and I think they can come back to hurt (them)."

Vaughn Cobb, Rochester, N.Y.

"I guess political gaffes can change people's minds and people's opinions on a candidate, but I think it can work both ways. So, I think it's a wash, ultimately."

Dave Coon, Mountain View

"With regard to these political snafus, such as the YouTube video of Mitt Romney — I feel like they will boil over quickly. I don't think it's going to be that big of an issue for him."

Sarah Bloem, Mountain View

"I don't believe political gaffes have a long lasting effect. I think they may last a week or two until the next political gaffe comes along."

Brett Taylor, Mountain View

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