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For the Record - October 12, 2012

Voices Around Town

How would you react if PBS lost its federal funding?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Ashley Finden.

"I would definitely be pretty upset. I think it would be a huge loss to everyone. It's really a pretty clean, low commercial overhead way to get a lot of good information on a wide variety of topics."

Stephen Williams, San Jose.

"I don't agree with it because PBS is very educational. And I like the program because I also enjoy watching it."

Ann Simeona, Mountain View.

"I think PBS is a good thing and I think the public should support it in the form of government money. PBS provides opportunity for the little people, the small film-makers to get their stuff out."

Thomas Howell, Palo Alto.

"I think I would be heartbroken and scared for American youth if PBS were to lose federal funding. I think it's a horrible idea."

Emily Chamberlin, Mountain View.

"I think PBS is an anachronism from a day gone by for our communication medium. It's not very cost-efficient for the type of communication any more that these type of shows provides to us. It's easily and readily available online."

Colin Moore, Santa Clara.

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