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For the Record - November 16, 2012

Voices Around Town

What have you done to prepare for a natural disaster?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Ashley Finden.

"I have one of those little earthquake kits in my car and another one in my house. But what I haven't done, and should do, is make an emergency plan with my family."

Nancy Wheeler, Mountain View

"Some things that we're getting prepared for, like a disaster, would be just to make sure we have first aid kits, extra food. Like a first aid kit, like, for stitches."

Helen Craighead, Sunnyvale

"The things I have prepared for in a natural disaster is to have the most essential items I would need to address what is going on — like flashlight, food, water, tools and things like that. I would have a cell phone, assuming the cell towers don't get affected."

Marvin Kasow, Eugene, Ore.

"We have food and water stored in our house and we have to continually replace the water. But also, we have talked about if we ever get separated in a natural disaster that we would go call through our niece in Texas so that we would know, if lines were out here, we could always connect through her."

Cathy Plutchok, Palo Alto

"I have a bunch of water in my home. I also know what the meeting process is and where I go with extended family if something were to happen."

Chris Dorego, Mountain View

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