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Opinion - November 23, 2012

Here's what they're saying on Town Square

Hospital board may contest salary-cap

Posted by PH, a resident of another community

The message is clear: The people are tired of paying those in executive positions so much while they are struggling to pay their bills with no hope for their future and retirement. It doesn't matter who got Measure M on the ballot, the people passed it and expect it to be enacted. It shows how tired we all are of some of the ECH administration's actions as far as being fiscally responsible and how much we want changes to be made.

Posted by Steve, a resident of the Old Mountain View neighborhood

Let's see; when unions use the courts to circumvent the will of the voters "that is what democracy looks like," but when management does the same it is spitting in the face of the voters. Talk about hypocrisy. The unions pretty much admitted that they manipulated voters into Measure M so they could use it as a negotiating tool against management. Management is within their rights to take this to court. It is how our system works. I hope they prevail. The worst thing that has happened to this country is public sector unions. They should be illegal.

Posted by Dave, a resident of the Gemello neighborhood

Yes, but you miss the point of the over compensation for CEOs these days. What are they? Gods? Who are we? Nobodies? Not very democratic.

Posted by Ken, a resident of another community

The fact of the matter is that the union's hand was behind the ballot measure as a bargaining tool. I would be all for the "will of the people" if I thought that no amount of cynical union shenanigans was behind Measure M. But unfortunately it was. Besides which, anyone who has ever been in a leadership position will tell you that everyone always has a better idea than you do if they're not the ones in the hot seat. If the executive leadership of ECH leaves en masse then the hospital will be in big trouble. Do you really want people with no experience whatsoever running ECH? Because that is what you'll get.


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