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News - December 7, 2012

State still owes $14 million in tax refunds

Many locals have yet to receive money owed by state, feds

by Nick Veronin

Every year people across the country do not collect the money they are owed in tax refunds simply because the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board don't have the correct addresses on their mailing lists.

The Franchise Tax Board recently announced that it is holding more than $14 million in tax refunds that they received in envelopes marked "return to sender." And according to the agency's Denise Azimi, close to $39,000 of that $14 million is due to taxpayers who the Franchise Tax Board has listed as Mountain View residents.

Azimi said the FTB has received 87 returned refunds from Mountain View — all of which add up to $38,641. Her organization counts 1,681 returned refunds throughout Santa Clara County — a total of $590,807.

The IRS does not have such a precise breakdown of returned tax refunds, according to a spokesman from that organization.

Both the IRS and the FTB want taxpayers to be able to claim their full refund, the spokespersons said, and each suggested that taxpayers who believe they didn't get their refunds to call or visit websites for the IRS or FTB.

The IRS has a page on its website called "Where's My Refund," which can be found at; a telephone service version of "Where's My Refund" can be accessed toll free at 800-829-1954.

The state FTB has a similar website for people to check the status of a refund. That site can be accessed at Taxpayers can also call the following toll-free number: 1-800-852-5711.