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For the Record - December 28, 2012

Voices Around Town

What's your New Year's resolution?

Photos and interviews by Ashley Finden

"My New Year's resolution is to go skydiving

Becky Carter, Santa Cruz

"I suppose it would be just aspiring to get closer to my goals. I want to be more successful. This year was crazy, so I just hope it gets crazy in a better way this time around."

Rachael Eichner, Santa Cruz

"My New Year's resolution is to actually lose a little weight."

Carina Siegmund, Aalen, Germany

"My resolution is to continue to not smoke for another year."

Eric Guan, San Leandro

"I'm (going to) keep my wife happy after her surgery and take care of her and keep doing my great job I'm doing."

Gary Eiger, Mountain View


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