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News - March 15, 2013

Crime briefs

Woman smashes phone

A Palo Alto woman was arrested on the morning of March 9 after allegedly pushing a gas station attendant and then running over his phone multiple times, according to police.

The woman, whom police identified as 41-year-old Kathryn Drummond, pulled into the Union 76 gas station located at 1010 El Monte Avenue on Saturday at about 7:30 a.m., according to Mountain View police spokesman Sgt. Sean Thompson. She allegedly used the station's squeegees to clean the tires of her vehicle.

The attendant told the woman he wanted her to stop, Thompson said. According to the police report, he was concerned that customers might slip on the fluid from the squeegees; she was apparently cleaning the tires of her car near the entrance to the station's convenience store.

The woman would not stop, Thompson said, so the attendant, a 37-year-old Campbell man, tried to take the squeegee away, Thompson said. The woman reportedly pushed the man, and he told her he was going to call the police and used his cell phone camera to take a pictures of the woman and her car's license plate.

After taking his position behind the register, the man placed his phone on the counter, according to the police report. The woman entered the small store, snatched the man's phone, and hurried to her car.

Following her out, the man told police he saw her looking at the device in what may have been an attempt to find and erase the photograph.

The woman allegedly threw the phone on the ground and used her car to run over the handset multiple times, destroying the device, before driving away, according to Thompson.

Police located the woman shortly after the incident, arrested her and cited her for assault and vandalism.

According to the police report, Drummond also called police to report her side of the story -- telling police she was threatened by the gas station attendant. Thompson could not confirm whether the police had received a call from Drummond.

After being cited and fingerprinted at the Mountain View Police Department building, the woman was released.

Bike stolen from garage

Someone stole a bike from the garage of a single family home on the 2100 block of Garden Terrace, police said.

The bike, an orange and white 4000 Series Trek, was taken from the open garage at the home sometime between March 9 and March 10, said Sgt. Sean Thompson, a spokesman for the Mountain View Police Department. The owner of the bike, a 59-year-old white man, said he had left his garage open during the day while he did chores around the house on March 9.

The next day he noticed the bike was gone.

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