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News - April 5, 2013

MV Whisman expects modest enrollment growth

by Nick Veronin

Officials with the Mountain View Whisman School District expect to see about 50 more students in classes next year — a modest uptick that will require, at most, hiring two new teachers.

Superintendent Craig Goldman said he would expect the total number of students in his district to reach 5,050 — up from a current population of 4,994. The bulk of the influx will likely land in one of the district's two middle schools, Goldman said.

If new teachers are needed, they would most likely end up at Crittenden Middle School or Castro Elementary, Goldman said — though it isn't clear that any new hires are on the horizon.

The district has been growing each year for the past three years, Goldman said. However, this year's increase was "fairly flat compared to last year."

Goldman said the growth his district has seen can likely be related to the area's relatively stable housing market.

The growth in the district's middle schools has been anticipated for some time, he noted. There has been a "bubble" of kids moving up through the grades; that bubble is now hitting the middle school level.

Goldman said that the district uses information from a number of sources to come up with enrollment estimates — including from parent surveys, which ask whether a given student will be returning the following year. Goldman encouraged all families who received a copy of the survey to fill it out and return it, so that the district can prepare for the new school year with accurate information.


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