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News - April 5, 2013

Stanford Electric Works to move to Mountain View

by Eric Van Susteren

After 99 years of calling Palo Alto its home, Stanford Electric Works will move to Mountain View at the end of June, according to the store's owner.

Chris Machala said he'd prefer to stay in the store's current location, but was unable to match a $3 million dollar offer for the property from the owner of California Skin Institute, a collection of dermatology clinics in Northern California.

Machala has owned the electric installation and fixture business on High and Everett streets since 1999, but owns only about a quarter of the property on which it's built. The other owners of the property have been allowing him to operate out of the building for below-market rent because of the company's history at the location.

Machala said the store will reopen at 126 San Antonio Circle in Mountain View, which he said was as close as he could reasonably get to his customer base. He said most of the money he got from the sale would go to moving his business to Mountain View.

While its been at this location since 1964, Machala said it won't be the first time the business has had to relocate.

The city of Palo Alto claimed its previous space across the street through eminent domain to build a fire station, and before that it had been located on Waverley Street.

"This business has survived the Depression, world war and the latest recession," he said, adding that the business would continue in Mountain View much as it had in Palo Alto.