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Opinion - April 19, 2013

Can't wait for Village at San Antonio to open

by Denzil Joseph

Here are my thoughts about the development happening in the old San Antonio Shopping Center, which I think is an overall positive for the neighborhood.

I live on Showers Drive and love the community and development happening around here. With the new "Village" taking the city of Mountain View to the next level, I just cannot wait for the entire project to finish to spend time there shopping and eating and enjoying all the nice park space. I can say looking at the plan layout that it has been thought out extensively and I have already driven inside what is open to the public just to check it out and it is just awesome.

With the Phase II plans out now I was talking to my wife on how we will be able to walk to the movies instead of driving down to the Shoreline Cinemas. Right now we drive all over the place just to have a relaxing outing experience — Santana Row, Stanford Mall, Castro Street, University Avenue — where all the life is.

Now with the Village coming up with all the grand plans of shopping and movies and coffee houses and restaurants, we don't have to drive so far; that means we will save gas and save the environment. Okay, Castro Street is not so far but it's definitely not walkable from where I live. We are looking forward to all of this opening up soon and cannot wait to shop and dine and relax at the Village.

I am aware that traffic would increase in our neighborhood, but who cares, because I won't be driving much on the weekends. But seriously, when Mountain View residents like me drive up to Santana Row or Stanford Mall, we jam up their roads with our cars; I see it as only fair to extend our fellow neighbors the same courtesy that they offer us and tell them all to come and enjoy themselves at the Village. More revenue in the Village means more revenue for the city. A win-win situation.

This project has been long overdue and I'm just glad that it's happening now. Congratulations to all who are involved in this development and the best of luck for the remainder of the project. Looking forward in anticipation for the full operations of the Village at San Antonio.

Denzil Joseph lives on Showers Drive