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News - April 26, 2013

Crime briefs

Back-to-back burglaries

Thousands of dollars of electronics, jewelry and other items were stolen from two apartments in the same Mountain View complex — possibly on the same day — according to local police.

Police can't say if the two burglaries are connected.

"It could be, and it may not be," said Sgt. Sean Thompson, public information officer for the Mountain View Police Department. "There is no evidence linking them."

The two burglaries were reported on April 16 and April 17 respectively, according to Thompson. Both victims lived in The Americana Apartments — a large complex located just off El Camino Real on the border of Sunnyvale at 707 Continental Circle.

The first burglary occurred sometime between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., Thompson said. The victim, a 28-year-old man, came home to find his door slightly ajar and clothes strewn about the apartment. Several iPads, an iMac desktop computer, a Macbook Air, an HP laptop, an IBM computer, a Motorolla cell phone, a Samsonite suitcase, a black Swiss brand backpack and gold jewelry were reported missing.

An investigation showed the locks to his front door had been tampered with — an indication of forced entry, Thompson said.

The second burglarized apartment did not show any signs of forced entry, according to Thompson. Although the victim, a 45-year-old man, said he had locked up before leaving on April 16. When he returned on April 17, he found that his Bose speaker system, a Kindle Fire, an HTC Android phone and an LG brand phone were all gone.

There was no security footage of the burglaries and police have no suspects at this time, Thompson said.

Road rage ends in arrest

A fit of road rage ended in police arresting a Redwood City man for allegedly smashing a car window and sending glass flying into a Mountain View man's face last Wednesday.

According to Sgt. Sean Thompson of the Mountain View Police Department, emergency dispatchers were called around 3:20 p.m. on April 17 by a man claiming that he was tailing an enraged driver, who only moments earlier had broken his window and then fled in his own car.

The incident began on Highway 85, according to both the 22-year-old victim and his alleged attacker, Thompson said. The Mountain View man said that after exiting the freeway at Evelyn Avenue, he was waiting at a stoplight when the man got out of his car and slapped the driver's-side window multiple times. The driver then turned left onto Evelyn Avenue drove a short distance and stopped again at a red light at Evelyn Avenue and Calderon Avenue.

Once again the man appeared at the driver's-side door, and this time, according to the victim , the man shattered the window. The man then ran back to his own car and drove away.

The victim followed his attacker, who was heading in the opposite direction, east on Evelyn Avenue, Thompson said. Either the victim or his passenger called 911 to report the incident, relaying information about his pursuit to dispatchers.

The police caught up with the victim and the alleged attacker shortly after the victim's car collided with the Redwood City man's car while he was attempting to make a U-turn at Evelyn Avenue and Moorpark Way, according to Thompson.

Police arrested the 21-year-old Redwood City man, Dylan Harper, on suspicion of vandalism and battery; though Harper was not accused of hitting the victim directly, the shattered glass injured the victim's nose, causing a small cut, according to Thompson.

For his part, the alleged attacker said he had been provoked by the victim. He told police that the victim had been slowing down and speeding up intentionally and dangerously, according to Thompson. Harper was treated by emergency responders for cuts to his knuckles and hand before being booked.

Laptop, TV stolen

A laptop, a small flat-screen TV and a cell phone were all stolen when an apartment in a Latham Street complex was burglarized last Friday.

The victim, a 38-year-old man, told police he left his apartment at 11 a.m. on April 19 and returned to find the items missing at 1 a.m. on April 20.

According to Sgt. Dan Vicencio, public information officer with the Mountain View Police Department, the burglar (or burglars) broke into the apartment through the front door -- likely using a crowbar or some other similar prying tool.

There were no witnesses and the police currently have no suspects.

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