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Opinion - May 3, 2013

Moffett, Shoreline traffic choking Jackson Park

by Karen DeMello

I have lived in the Jackson Park neighborhood for nearly 25 years. The traffic backup on Moffett Boulevard to go downtown has been an issue since I first moved here; there are just too many train interruptions.

The traffic on Shoreline Boulevard and the neighborhood street parking has become much worse in the past 5-10 years. The Shoreline traffic is due to the North Shoreline businesses (Google and others). The increased street parking is due to higher rents and house prices such that more people are sharing apartments, condos or houses.

The proposed Prometheus development is going to double the population of our small neighborhood. There are going to be hundreds of "new" residents driving and parking their cars in this already somewhat confined neighborhood. That there is a proposal to close the Stierlin ramp to Central Expressway is shocking. That the bulk of the City Council seemingly supports this proposal (per the Voice article last week) is even more shocking. Here are my suggestions:

• Please keep the Stierlin ramp open. The Jackson Park neighborhood is already "trapped" because of the Moffett and Shoreline traffic; closing the Stierlin ramp will make this neighborhood even more trapped.

• Please make sure that Prometheus provides enough parking for the apartments. We do not want our neighborhood to turn into a San Francisco-style "walk six blocks to find a parking spot" situation (we already have this situation when the Portuguese Hall and Buddhist Temple have special events from time to time). I can live with special events, just as I've lived with "concert traffic" on Shoreline Boulevard for decades. But when this becomes a daily occurrence (as it already has with Shoreline daily traffic), it is very disappointing and frustrating.

• Please make sure that Prometheus keeps the same sidewalk footprint along Moffett Boulevard. The wide sidewalk with the grass between the sidewalk not only makes for a parkway-like path, but it feels safer (not breathing in as much exhaust, less chance to "get run over" being close to the street).

Karen DeMello lives on Windmill Park Lane


Posted by concerned parking, a resident of Willowgate
on May 6, 2013 at 9:05 pm

I am concerned that the city is not regulating enough public parking in these complexes. I am not talking about guest parking, which is required but public parking. The streets are already filled up with people parking on this side of Central Expy, so that they can have free parking instead of using the paid parking in the city lots across the way.
The traffic on Moffett is already terrible. Closing the ramp is going to increase traffic. What is city council thinking?