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News - May 10, 2013

LAHS earns award for civics work

by Nick Veronin

Los Altos High School is being recognized for its efforts to educate through engagement in social issues both near and far.

The school is scheduled to be presented with a Civic Learning Award in a ceremony at the high school's campus on May 9. Presented by the State of California, the award is meant to "celebrate successful efforts to engage students in civic learning and to identify successful models that can be replicated in other schools."

According to an LASD press release, the school is receiving the award in part due to student organizations such as the Students for Haiti Solidarity Club; school events such as History Week — which this year focused on "The Pursuit of Rights" — and the "muckraking project," which has U.S. history students take up the role of investigative journalists in order to shed light on and recommend fixes to a local problem.

Principal Wynne Satterwhite called the honor "fabulous."

"It's an enormous honor for Los Altos to be recognized as one of the first in California to receive an award like this," Satterwhite said in a statement. "Our teachers strive to help create both responsible and knowledgeable individuals in their school experience, and we are very proud that our efforts have been so successful."

Satterwhite told the Voice that the award-winning social studies programs at LAHS could not have happened without the work from her school's committed teachers and the input from an enthusiastic community of parents. "I'm really proud of them," she said.

The programs at her school being recognized through the Civic Learning Award lead LAHS students to be better citizens by opening their eyes to the world around them, Satterwhite said. But more than that, she added, it shows students that they can pursue humanistic endeavors not just as hobbies, but as careers.

"With History Week, the attempt there was to not only expose students to different points of views but to also show the students here are are group of people who actually make a living doing this."

The recognition ceremony begins at 3 p.m. in the Eagle Theater at LAHS.


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