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For the Record - May 17, 2013

Voices Around Town

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Samson So.

What's your most vivid memory of PE class?

"In my school, we had the option that if you played a competitive sport in high school, you were able to waive the PE requirement. So I would say my most vivid memory was going to state championships for swimming."

Edward Schmerling, Palo Alto

"I had to go leave my school, walk to the gym and go across the street to the community center where there was a bowling alley. We would have to play strings of bowling for physical education and I have to say, it was pretty awesome."

Tina Ambrogi, Mountain View

"I dreaded it most of the time. Afterward, when I graduated high school, I realized I had gotten very little physical activity in my day and I realized I was very thankful for the physical education that I had gotten. I still take PE classes regularly."

Emily Chamberlin, Mountain View

"One of my most vivid memories of physical education is learning how to swim in high school. I remember mostly the strokes and getting comfortable in the water."

Ida Woo, Sunnyvale

"What I like most was that it introduces you to a whole bunch of new sports. It opens your mind to a whole bunch of possibilities, especially when you get older. It made life a lot more fun."

Charles Giang, Sunnyvale


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