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For the Record - June 28, 2013

Voices Around Town

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Samson So.

What do you do to celebrate the Fourth of July?

"Well, we always just have a cookout with family and friends and then we watch the fireworks. In Colorado, we usually watch them from my front yard because they set the fireworks off from the lake that's close by."

Jan Hair, Colorado

"I usually stay home, avoid the crowds, I don't go out and do anything. Try not to spend extra money. I stay home, eat whatever is there and enjoy the day off."

Tiffany Crow, Chicago

"What I'll probably do is get more sleep and enjoy a long hike. With my friends and family, we used to do things when I was a kid like picnics."

Daniel Apodaca, Mountain View

"I definitely try to go out and shoot off some fireworks. That's always fun. I usually go out and see my family. They don't live too far away, in Modesto."

Victor Becerra, Palo Alto

"I always like to go to Foster City and watch the fireworks shoot off from the lagoon. It's kind of been a family tradition ever since I was a kid. The past few years, I've been going with my boyfriend to watch together and celebrate our anniversary."

Kayla Tom, Foster City

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