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Opinion - July 5, 2013

Here's what they're saying on Town Square

Band members get PE credit

Members of the local high schools' marching bands and color guards will be able to earn physical education credit for participating — but only during their sophomore, junior and senior years.

Posted by Darin

To me, the key point is: "The passage of the policy puts marching band and color guard in line with other extra curricular physical activities, such as cheerleading, dance and sports — all of which count for P.E. credit."

Posted by Steve

As a former band member and PE slacker, I can state with first-person authority: Marching band requires more physical activity than most PE classes. Nobody questions whether softball should be part of the PE program, but really, you're more likely to sweat just from standing around in the sun than from the activity itself.

Posted by MVHS Marching Band Alum

While I was able to get out of taking PE during the majority of my four years at MVHS because of band and sports, I can say with certainty that marching band is way more physically involved than PE. Thinking back to my PE class towards the end of the school year — we sat around in the pool. The "physical exercise" of the period was swimming the width of the pool once, not even the length. It was just social hour.

Posted by incognito

Once again, comments by people who know nothing of which they speak. From the middle of August to November, stop by MVHS at 7 a.m. (every day but Thursday) and take a look at 150 or so kids running around the field in block formation as part of their physical conditioning for marching band.

Posted by Concerned

I am concerned about the actions of the PE teachers, who use the cover of allegedly wanting what is best for the students, when in reality they were just fighting to enhance their job security.

Posted by USA, a resident of the Old Mountain View neighborhood

Well this is one way to boost a declining marching band enrollment.

Posted by Get Real, a resident of another community

The PE Teachers have a vested interest. Many other school districts do this. The marching band students have to be physically fit, and it is good exercise. Who says the PE classes are such good exercise? Do think it is daily calisthenics? Think again. There is only time enough in the school day for so many classes. Marching band involves more than an hour per day, it goes on before and/or after school, regularly.

Posted by MVHS parent, a resident of the Whisman Station neighborhood

To anyone who says the Marching Band is not physical, they clearly have had no experience with either a child in the band or watching their daily practices. These kids practice every morning from 7 - 8 a.m. And every afternoon from 3:30 - 6 p.m. and four Saturdays during the fall from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are constantly moving, some carrying large and heavy instruments. As for Color Guard, everything they do involves physical activity.

Someone said, "Marching is better than sitting around playing video games, but it is in no way real physical activity..." "No way real physical activity"? Really?? I would ask you to live the life of a marching band participant for one week and then tell us it is in no way physical. Good grief!


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