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For the Record - July 12, 2013

Voices Around Town

How is the rising cost of housing affecting you?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Sofia Biros

"I'll never be able to afford a house unless I move to the East Bay or somewhere else, but I do love this area, so for now we'll keep renting."

Elyse Cooper-Smith, Mountain View

"I am currently in a rental situation and would love to have a chance to purchase a home in the Mountain View area. What I want to do is save up and put the biggest down payment on a house."

Sham Essadki, Mountain View

"The rising housing prices don't affect me as much because I own my home but it does affect us trying to help my mother and my friend find homes."

Annie Millan, Scotts Valley

"I know that the rising home prices do affect the rental market, which is more relevant to me. I had attempted to find rentals around here but it's just too expensive."

Jennifer Jabar, Alameda

"Housing prices really haven't affected me because I am a homeowner already."

Louise Walker, San Jose

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