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For the Record - August 9, 2013

Voices Around Town

Do you tend to fix things that break, or simply buy replacements?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Sofia Biros

"I fix what I can, but when it comes to clothes, I buy new ones."

Joy Montgomery, Los Altos

"I absolutely fix things. I have a bicycle that is about 20 years old and it's a tank. It has all replaced parts. It's really good for the environment but it's also kind of a 'guy technical' thing. We like to go out and fix things."

Stephen Hays, Mountain View

"I prefer to fix it but if the challenge is too much, I'll give it away and buy something new."

Cathie McGee, Jacksonville, Fla.

"I fix everything that's broken."

Richard Perez, Miami

"I tend to fix them, but it depends on what it is. I usually look at cost."

David Hackett, San Francisco

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