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For the Record - October 11, 2013

Voices Around Town

Who is hurt and who benefits from the federal government shutdown?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Daniel DeBolt.

"I wouldn't say anyone benefits except the bad guys if they manage to exact concessions. It hurts a lot of poor people who are waiting for benefits. It's going to hurt state and local governments who have to make up for it and don't want people dying and starving in the street."

Aaron Ball, Mountain View

"The House of Representatives members who keep calling for so-called negotiations with an already passed piece of legislation — I think they are the sole beneficiaries. There is no reason for the shutdown. And there is literally no benefit to anyone outside of that group of people."

Steve Young, Sunnyvale

"They closed Alcatraz, so that's a problem for us. We think it's bad for people without work, without payments. I'm not sure if anyone benefits."

Runhild Mide, Stavanger, Norway

"The only people who benefit are the Tea Partiers doing their grandstanding. No one else benefits."

Paul Gazis, Mountain View

"It hurts federal government workers and national parks. Clearly the Republican are using it to get what they want. I think it shows why a lot of us are disillusioned with politicians."

Melissa Kelley, Palo Alto


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