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For the Record - November 8, 2013

Voices Around Town

How would you react to evidence of life on another planet?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Daniel DeBolt.

"It would be interesting. Some people would think it's a conspiracy. For other people, it would shake their beliefs. There are people who still believe the world was created 6,000 years ago."

Ellie De La Rosa, San Jose

"I would be scared. I would probably hide and never come out."

Chantelle Noelck, Livermore

"I'd celebrate. I'd say, 'What a wonderful, mysterious world we live in.'"

Chris Schalge, Mountain View

"I don't think there's any evidence anybody is going to be developing at a greater rate than we (are) intellectually. Everything started at the same moment, so I think we'll all figure out how to talk to each other at the same time."

Ryan Zweng, San Francisco

"I don't think about humans, but maybe other creatures, bacteria or plants. I never thought a lot about that."

Danielle Sharon, Mountain View


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