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News - January 10, 2014

Crime briefs

Bomb squad called to Paul Avenue

After finding a man dead in his home Thursday, police also found a suspicious looking container.

Police were called to Paul Avenue on Thursday at 10:50 a.m. to do a welfare check on a man who hadn't been heard from in a few weeks. He was found dead.

"It didn't look like a traditional bomb device but we weren't sure," Yaeger said of what was described as a "container with a screw lid."

He said police decided to play it safe and called in the bomb squad, and the resulting numbers of police and fire personnel on the scene alarmed neighborhood residents. Police had to ask themselves, "Do we just cut it open and look, or do we err on the side of safety and do it the right way?" Yaeger said.

It appears that man was suffering from an illness and died of natural causes. "It doesn't look like suicide so far," Yaeger said.

Computer heist at Khan Academy

Khan Academy employees arrived to work in Mountain View on Monday morning to find that the free online academy was the victim of a major burglary.

Sometime over Sunday night thieves took 33 Apple computers from the Khan Academy office worth $40,000, police reported.

Police said the thieves "defeated the front door lock" of the popular nonprofit's offices on the 1900 block of Landings Drive, near Google headquarters, to make the theft.

Police say there are no suspects or witnesses at this point.

—Daniel DeBolt


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