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Opinion - January 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Education foundation had good day at Whole Foods

Thanks in part to the Voice article published in December, the Mountain View-based Burwen Education Foundation (BEF) had a successful fundraiser at Whole Foods on Dec. 10.

The Whole Foods Market in Los Altos generously donated 5 percent of the day's proceeds to the BEF, resulting in a check of $6,426.05 to the foundation. This money will go a long way towards providing scholarships and mentoring for first-generation college-bound students from Mountain View High School's AVID program.

A big thanks to the many BEF supporters and Mountain View residents who not only shopped at Whole Foods that day but also stopped by our information table to talk to us, ask questions, and offer encouragement. We couldn't have done it without all of you.

Jennifer Pence

Burwen Education Foundation

Seahawks have built-in fans in MV

There's a strange phenomenon that haunts one of the local pubs in Mountain View and its origin is Seattle.

Why so many Seahawks fans live around here might only be conjectured from the fact Microsoft has a division here, and I've heard that all MS employees are required to be Seahawks fans, akin to those head-bobbing things we see in the rear windows of cars. Individuality is not tolerated at MS.

I would like to make the observation for the enlightenment of all Seahawks fans that it's obvious their team lacks the talent to win without their fans making so much noise in their home stadium that all the teams far superior to the Seahawks cannot perform properly. Seahawks fans are covering up for their team's glaring deficiencies.

But even if the Seahawks manage to pull off a miracle and beat the Niners this coming Sunday in Seattle, the truth of just how incapable and over-rated the Seahawks are will become obvious when the Pats crush them in the Super Bowl in February.

Jeffrey Van Middlebrook Easy Street