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For the Record - January 31, 2014

Voices Around Town

How do you feel about parking in Mountain View?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Interviews and photos by Katie Straub

"Parking is really difficult on Castro Street and the intersecting streets also."

Andrew Rivadeneyra, Mountain View

"I take the Caltrain here every day for work. I have no need to drive here. I have no concerns about parking whatsoever."

Corey Denis, San Francisco

"The parking here so far is good, as long as I come early. If I come at noon, there is a good chance I will spend about ten minutes looking for parking."

Linda Nguyen, San Jose

"I actually used to live in Mountain View some years ago. I don't have too much experience with parking, but I must say today is much more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be. But it worked out okay."

Greg Nuckols, Cloverdale

"I don't feel stressed about parking, because I don't mind parking far away and walking in. To me, there is no difficulty."

Margaret Poor, Mountain View


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