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For the Record - May 2, 2014

Voices Around Town

What do you think of efforts to raise the City Council members' monthly salaries from $600 to $1,000?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Interviews and photos by Kayla Layaoen

"I think if that's their only job it should get raised. But if it's just a side thing, they shouldn't get paid that much."

Jasely Grullon, Mountain View

"I feel like it's pretty fair."

Neeja Patel, Mountain View

"That money should be going to our community rather than people who say they're making improvements. We've got a beautiful city, but there's always room for improvement."

Suzie Goodrich, Los Altos

"Considering that they work 20 to 30 hours per week, I think that they should have that pay increase."

Emma Russon, Los Altos

"I feel like that's a big increase. It's pretty drastic. If they're actually doing work, then sure, they deserve the money."

Neha Mannikar, Mountain View


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