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News - May 31, 2019

Council goals get support from anti-displacement activists

Mountain View city officials completed the last leg of their priority-setting meetings on May 21 with support from anti-displacement activists who want to increase affordable housing options in the city.

The City Council's top two priorities for the next two years will address housing, including implementation of safe parking programs, declaring a housing emergency and increasing the stock of affordable units.

The priorities are listed as the following: "Promote a Community for All with a focus on Strategies to Protect Vulnerable Populations and Preserve Mountain View's Socioeconomic and Cultural Diversity" and "Improve the Quantity, Diversity, and Affordability of Housing by Providing Opportunities for Subsidized, Middle-Income, and Ownership Housing."

The city has grappled with a severe housing shortage and increasing homelessness in the last few years, along with many major cities in the Bay Area. It received immense pushback in December after it authorized the demolition of rent-controlled, more affordable units to make way for market-priced townhomes and rowhouses.

Alex Nunez organized a rally against displacement outside the City Council meeting on May 21, and said that City Council members proved to be considerate and thoughtful in listening to the concerns of vulnerable residents. He said activists will be watching closely to see if the priority-setting translates into action and resources after initial study sessions.

At the May 21, council members approved another housing development at 777 West Middlefield Road that will result in demolitions of existing affordable housing. Nunez said the project is a step in the right direction, however, because the developer is ensuring city workers and teachers have first dibs on affordable units.

—Bay City News Service


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