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Real Estate Headlines

Home front: Native gardens, holiday greens
A roundup of Midpeninsula home and garden news and events, including a workshop on native garden design, a holiday greens sale and a holiday flower-arranging class. Thursday, 11:08 AM

Holiday entertaining made easy
The goal of a holiday party, said Palo Alto party planner Nicole Macuil, is "getting to talk." Connecting is more important than fancy decorations. Macuil has tips for decorating for a holiday party to make your home look great and give yourself time to enjoy your guests. Thursday, 10:58 AM

Garden tips: Plan pops of color before winter
It's not too late to punch up the color in your yard before the rains come. Garden coach Jack McKinnon gives pro tips on what to plant now. Friday, 11:36 AM

Home front: Azaleas and camellias; cook non-turkey Thanksgiving food
A roundup of Midpeninsula home and garden news and events including a talk on azaleas and camellias, Thanksgiving for non-turkey eaters and prepping poultry for cooking. Friday, 11:29 AM

Greening up the indoors
The mantra for placing indoor plants, like buying a home, is location, location, location.
Generally, when deciding where to put a new plant, light is the "limiting factor" in where the plant will be happiest. Friday, 11:24 AM

Home sales
A complete list of home sales on the Midpeninsula. Thursday, 1:34 PM

Finding the right tree
Home buyers have to consider many things before ending up at the title company signing their escrow papers.
The first time they go back to their new home may be when they notice the trees on their property.
That's where Canopy's Tree Library and program director Michael Hawkins come in. Thursday, 1:34 PM

Home for rent: $10K-plus a month
The Midpeninsula remains one of the most expensive and least-accessible rental housing markets in the nation, but it has slowed down and cooled off a bit in 2018.
Monday, 12:13 PM

Home front: Fall containers; indoor plants
A roundup of home and garden news and events on the Midpeninsula, including classes on creating fall containers with cyclamen and ferns; indoor plants; and seasonal arrangements. Friday, 12:02 PM

Home sales
A complete list of home sales on the Midpeninsula. Friday, 12:01 PM

Home sales
A complete list of home sales on the Midpeninsula. Monday, 1:58 PM

Home front: cheesemaking class, rhododenron gathering
A roundup of Midpeninsula home and garden news and events. Friday, 10:08 AM

A study in contrasts

Home front: Oak talk; pumpkin decor craft

Home sales

Home front: Solar info workshop; welcome to Palo Alto

Real Estate Matters: Market showing signs of chilling

Home front: art glass sale, contain your veggies

Home sales

Real Estate Matters: More inventory could benefit buyers

Home front: Historic home for sale; rose gathering

Home sales

Home front: Rents lower in Mountain View, instant gardening help

Home sales

Gardening 101

Home sales

Home front: Grow garlic; learn about native pollinators

Home sales

Home sales

Home front: rose meeting; arts festival

Home front: grow Asian veggies; Filoli in the fall

Home sales

It's a cover-up

Home sales

Home front: rents rise; neighbors' tree issues

Home sales

Easy-care flowers can become a part of your garden

Home front: good goo; clean your recycling

Home sales

From apples to oranges

Home front: free compost; cover-crop class

Home sales