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Home front: Rhody talk, class on wall tile
A roundup of local home and garden news and events on the Midpeninsula, including a talk on rhodies, putting in wall tile, repotting orchids and aging in place. Friday, 11:24 AM

Home sales
A complete list of home sales on the Midpeninsula. Tuesday, 3:45 PM

Tiny gardens
If you've ever ordered a salad with microgreens from an upscale restaurant and figured these tender vegetable shoots came from a farmer somewhere, they might have. But gardening expert and master gardener Beth McGuire said it's easy enough for anyone to grow microgreens Thursday, 4:32 PM

Home front: Design a garden, fix your faucet
A roundup of local home and garden news and events including classes on garden design, faucet installation and picking the right fruit tree. Thursday, 4:32 PM

Home front: Tile class; short-term rentals

Home sales

Home sales


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